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Name:Mikhail Ramphet
Birthdate:May 31
This is an RP journal!

Mikhail is from a semi-obscure Visual Novel called Animamundi. It's rated M for mostly non-sexual reasons. There's a bit of tasteful nudity, a lot of nudity that will ruin naked people for you forever, and a lot of graphic severed heads, intestines, and general gore. Also, the main character is a mad scientist who sells his soul to the devil and kills like eight hundred people. Minimum. It's pretty dark!

This guy here is one of the childhood BFFs of protagonist Georik and the obligatory tsundere character. He's captain of the palace guard and possibly the most pious character in the entire game, which is admittedly not very hard. He's continuously caught between faith, friendship, and duty. He's one of the best swordsmen in the country and has a terrible inferiority complex about not being the very best. He also has a terrible sense of pattern recognition, a long list of inappropriate crushes (the former captain of the guard, the princess, Georik in drag...), and a holy destiny sort of thing that does not help his ego one bit. He's beloved by his underlings for his sharp but affectionate manner of leadership, and also because he's a legendary source of free booze. He's got a bad enough temper when sober, and he tends to get into a lot of barfights. Having a lot of loyal professional guards around when he's that drunk has likely prevented him from waking up dead in a gutter like ten times over.
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